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Lightweight, multi-purpose and can handle heavyweight duty.

  • Sport Performance 4-stroke engine: Lightweight, dependable and fun, the Genesis® Sport Performance engine's high tech design puts down sport horsepower performance on the trail and off. Powering the distinctive Phazer family of sleds, this 2-cylinder engine is quick-revving and very torquey for sporty acceleration. The advanced fuel injection system automatically keeps it running at maximum output and fuel efficiency for the conditions.
  • Advanced fuel injection: The Sport Performance engine uses an advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers will enjoy the engine's spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.
  • Lightweight, counterbalanced crankshaft: The Sport Performance engine's crankshaft is designed to be light weight, responsive and durable. The lightweight, counterbalanced crankshaft delivers super-crisp throttle response and quick acceleration. It also helps mitigate the vibration inherent in a 2-cylinder engine
  • Lightweight, rear-exiting exhaust: The exhaust from the Sport Performance engine is routed out the rear of the sled, similar to the other 4-stroke engine packages. The rear exiting exhaust design serves three purposes. First, it keeps the exhaust heat out of the engine bay to allow a super-compact design. Second, it allows the engine to breathe more efficiently and through a cooled exhaust pipe. Finally, it helps to balance the overall sled package, giving the Venture MP its amazingly nimble handling.
  • 16 x 144 x 1.25-inch Camoplast® Rip Saw track: The 16-inch-wide Camoplast® Rip Saw track gives the Venture MP excellent flotation, thanks to its wide footprint on the snow. The Rip Saw pattern has been widely acclaimed in the industry as the best all around OEM track for acceleration, cornering bite and everyday trail usage.
  • Radiator and front extrusion: In order to generate consistently strong engine performance, all Genesis Sport Performance engine sleds feature a small radiator on the right hand side of the engine cab and a front extrusion. The use of a small radiator improves the sled's cooling system function, which means greater engine durability. It also enhances the sled's handling by relocating the mass of a rear heat exchanger up to the central portion of the sled.
  • Oil Pressure Sensing System: The Venture MP is fitted with an oil pressure sensing system. If the oil pressure drops while riding, the ignition and fuel supply is controlled to limit the engine's RPM and reduce the load on the engine. If necessary the system will stop the engine.
  • New Tuner dual-keel ski: The all-new Tuner dual-keel ski greatly contributes to the Venture MP’s trail character. The dual keels keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, eliminating nosiness and darting. Each keel has its own wearbar, and Yamaha has four different bar configurations to choose from, which means you can tune your sled's cornering bite and steering effort to suit your personal preference.
  • Ultra light, ultra rigid FX™ chassis: The Venture MP is built on the FX Chassis. It features lightweight, rigid CF diecast member and chromoly tube construction. The FX Chassis was engineered specifically to house the Genesis Sport Performance engine and incorporates the engine package in its overall balance dynamic. The FX Chassis is also the backbone for the sport rider-forward position on the Venture MP.
  • Double wishbone front suspension: The FX Chassis uses a specifically engineered front suspension package to accommodate its unique weight distribution and handling needs. Because of the Venture MP’s unique front end design, the A-arms need to be longer than even the second generation design found on the Deltabox™ II chassis models. The Venture MP also features lightweight extruded aluminum spindles.
  • Wide handlebars: To match the tall and forward position, a single-piece non-hooked handlebar is standard on the Venture MP. The grips have 10-position adjustable warmers.
  • Integrated chain case with magnesium cover: The FX Chassis has the chain case cast right into the frame member, and has a magnesium cover plate that forms the seal to keep the oil in. This trick piece of technology is a highlight of the goal to simplify the sled and minimize weight. Riders will appreciate the reduced overall weight on the Venture MP and its amazingly nimble handling as a result.
  • CF die cast construction: Yamaha’s Controlled Flow casting technique is used for many of the structural pieces on the chassis. The CF process draws the molten metal into the mold under a vacuum, reducing the formation of air bubbles in the material. As a result, pieces can be made much thinner and still deliver the strength characteristics of a conventionally-cast, thicker piece.
  • HPG front shocks: The 36mm High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks on the Venture MP’s front suspension deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance.
  • Large, protective windshield: The large windshield on the Venture MP is all about function. It is affixed to the chassis, offering consistent protection. The Venture MP’s very large windshield provides excellent protection from the wind and snow debris.
  • Standard electric start and push button electric shift reverse: Yamaha’s electric starter system allows consumers to fire up their Venture MP with a turn of the key. The engine’s decompression system lightens the load required to turn the engine over, resulting in a small, lightweight battery. Yamaha’s Electric Shift reverse system lets users shift the sled into, and out of, reverse with the touch of a button on the digital gauge.
  • Digital gauge: The digital gauge displays key information at a glance. Vehicle speed is displayed on a large LCD readout. In addition, the rider can select tachometer, odometer or tripmeter data to appear on the secondary readout. The gauge also displays system warning lights, fuel level, and warmer intensity. The right hand side of the gauge has the push button for the Electric Shift reverse system.
  • Large cargo rack: The spacious cargo rack in back of the Venture MP offers a large storage capacity for whatever you need to haul and then some.
  • Tow Hitch: The Venture MP comes standard with a tow hitch for convenience.
  • Hand and thumb warmers: The hand and thumb warmers on the Venture MP use a single rocker button on the left side control pod. It operates like a volume wheel, cycling all the way up, then starting over at low for each warmer. The passenger also has standard grip warmers with an on/off switch.
  • Seat comfort: The Venture MP has a wide, plush seat for both driver and passenger. The passenger seat is removable for added storage on solo trips.
  • New graphics package: The Venture MP comes in one new graphics package; Topaz blue.
  • Type: 4-stroke / 2-cyl / 499cc
  • Engine Class: Sport Performance
  • Cooling: Liquid Cooled
  • Bore & Stroke: 77 × 53.6 mm
  • Fuel Delivery: 43mm KEIHIN X 2, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
  • Ignition: Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
  • Intake Design: 3 Valves
  • Exhaust Design: 2 Valves, Rear Exhaust
  • Clutch/Transmission: YXRC, Variable Ratio, Electronic Shift Reverse
  • Disc Brake Type: Hydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminum Caliper, LightWeight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
  • Fuel Capacity: 8.7 gal. (32.9 L)
  • Front Suspension: Independent, double wishbone
  • Front Shocks: 36mm, aluminum HPG
  • Front Travel: 8.1 in. (208 mm)
  • Rear Suspension: ProComfort 144
  • Rear Shock(s): 36mm, H.P.G, Aluminum / 36mm, H.P.G, Aluminum
  • Rear Travel: 12.3 in. (313 mm)
  • Overall Height: 52.8 in. (1,340 mm)
  • Overall Length: 124.2 in. (3,155 mm)
  • Overall Width: 47.8 in. (1,215 mm)
  • Track / W X L X H: 16 x 144 x 1.25 in
  • Track Type: Camoplast® Rip Saw®
  • Ski Stance (ctr to ctr): 42.5 in. (1080 mm)
  • Electric Start: Standard
  • Reverse: Push Button
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Standard, 9 Position. Adjustable, Selectable Left Side Control
  • Headlight Watts, Type: 60/55W Halogen X 2
  • DC Output: Automotive
  • Color(s): Topaz Blue
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)



Engine Type
499 cc
Bore x Stroke
77 x 53.6 mm
Engine Cooling
43mm KEIHIN X 2, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
2 Valves, Rear Exhaust


Brake Type
Hydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminum Caliper, Lightweight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Drive Clutch
YXRC, Variable Ratio


Front Suspension
Suspension: Independent, double wishbone; Shocks: 36mm, aluminum HPG
Front Travel
8.1 in. (208 mm)
Rear Suspension
Suspension: ProComfort 144; Shock(s): 36mm, H.P.G, Aluminum / 36mm, H.P.G, Aluminum
Rear Travel
12.3 in. (313 mm)
Ski Stance
42.5 in. (1080 mm)
Track Type
Camoplast® Rip Saw®
Track Dimensions
16 x 144 x 1.25 in.


60/55W Halogen X 2
Fuel Capacity
8.7 gal. (32.9 L)
Topaz Blue
1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Standard, 9 Position. Adjustable, Selectable Left Side Control
Push Button